I started reading Demon Knights absolutely sure that I was going to be seriously disappointed by Paul Cornell’s version of Grant Morrison’s version of the Shining Knight. Seven issues in, the collective inability of his allies and enemies to accept his gender is still used for laughs but we haven’t yet been given a backstory where Ystin was cursed with/reincarnated into a female body or where a young Ystina decided to hide her sex because of rape or Men Strong or to follow a lover to war and once it all comes out in the open she takes off her helmet and lets her hair down and stops correcting people.

In the middle of a pitched battle with his archenemy, Ystin still refers to himself as a man. Things like this leave me hopeful that in the post-Flashpoint universe, we have an actual trans* superhero who gives absolutely no fucks what anybody thinks about the body he was born with.


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    I sought out Demon Knights specifically because I had just read Seven Soldiers and was all IS THIS VERSION OF SHINING...
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